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GURU Dynamic Fitting

The state-of-the-art, computer-controlled GURU Dynamic Fit Unit™ (DFU™) adjusts your riding position in real-time to maximize your comfort and efficiency.


The GURU Fit System™ is powered by industry-leading F.I.S.T. fit protocol. Created by Dan Empfield, founder of and renowned bike fit "guru," the F.I.S.T. protocol combines years of fit data and your real-time feedback to create the best possible riding position to match your riding style.


Head fitter Ben Williams has been fitting full time since 2010 and was the first to bring Guru Dynamic Fitting to the islands. He logs big hours in the aero bars and brings that experience to every road and triathlon fit he puts his stamp on.


Computrainer Group Training

After years of trying to improve our own race results, we found that it was nearly impossibly to make gains on Oahu's poor road conditions. We have great weather, great swimming, and great running, but we really lack open stretches of road that allow you to safely put your head down and push hard on the bike.


Introducing the HTC eight unit CompuTrainer Multirider Center: CompuTrainer® is a computer controlled, electronic indoor bike trainer that incorporates power into an ergometer controlled resistance unit. You bring your own bike, heart rate monitor, and come dressed to ride. We monitor power and performance, and write workouts that are specific to your needs to improve your cycling performance.


With these units, we have the ability to simulate most courses you will find yourself on. More importantly, we have the ability to execute incredibly specific workout sessions that are individual to each rider. By providing such specificity in a controlled environment, with consistent training you will absolutely see results.

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