Spring 2021 Group Training at Hawaii Triathlon Center (updated 1/5/2021)


This is an experiment and we’re asking everyone to be patient. We are making this up as we go. The primary objective is to maintain social distance and adhere to local government restrictions. Reservations are required to join, drop-in and pro-rating not available. During meeting times please wear a mask and maintain distance until we have split off into our smaller groups with safe distancing. All meetings will be outdoors in large open spaces. Benefits include discounts at Hawaii Triathlon Center shop. We sure are hoping to put on some races, entry discounts will be available for those too.

Reserve your spot by emailing Ben@hitricenter.com or calling the shop at 808-333-1151.

Four Groups:

  1. Adult Beginner:

    • No experience required. This group will be taught to lowest common denominator and will focus on safety, fun, and introducing the basics of the sport. Ages 16 and over.

    • Meet every Saturday from 7:00am - 8:00am, January 16 through March 13.

    • Athletes are encouraged to graduate to Intermediate program when complete.

    • Cost is $180 for the whole program. This includes weekly practice with an on-deck coach and daily written workout instructions via email and Training Peaks. Participants are also invited to join the weekly Zoom Q&A session.

    • Limit 8 athletes to split in groups of 4 with 1 roving coach between groups.

  2. Adult Intermediate:

    • Prior experience required, inquire if unsure. Program is geared towards personal best performance at local events scheduled through the spring. Events will be held either virtually or in person depending on current restrictions. This program will peak with a 70.3 (half Ironman) performance.

    • Ages 16+

    • Meet for coached practice every Tuesday at 5:00pm in Kailua, Thursday at 5:00pm in Honolulu, and Saturday mornings (times and locations will vary) from January 15 through June 5.

    • Athletes will receive daily workouts via Training Peaks, weekly emailed instructions, and a weekly Zoom call to go over details and answer questions.

    • Practice meeting details will be shared via email and zoom to minimize close contact during practice. To adhere to restrictions, athletes will be paired off in small groups during practice with coaches roving between groups.

    • Cost is $800 for Jan 16 – June 5. Commitment to full program required, monthly billing available.

  3. Youth Beginner:

    • Ages 8-15

    • Meet every Saturday from 8:00am to 9:00am in Kailua

    • Zero experience required. This group will aim to avoid traumatic experiences and introduce the sport to new athletes with a focus on safety. Parents encouraged to stick around during practice.

    • Participants are encouraged to graduate to intermediate program upon completion.

    • Cost is $100for the spring session, January 16 through April 10

  4. Youth Intermediate:

    • Ages 9-15

    • Meet every Saturday from 6:00am to 8:00am. Usually in Kailua but location might vary.

    • Some experience required. This group is aimed towards athletes that were active in our youth program pre-covid. If you have moved here recently and have experience please reach out and we’ll make sure you get to the right place.

    • Always keeping safety first in mind, this group will work towards progressing personal racing performance.

    • Athletes will receive daily workout details through Training Peaks and at least one test event during the spring session.

    • Spring session runs January 16 through April 10, cost is $150.