Group Training

Dive into our structured outdoor sessions catering to all skill levels. From beginners to advanced, experience a fun, instructive journey towards your fitness goals. Enjoy exclusive shop discounts and race entry perks.

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Elevate your cycling experience with our specialized bike fittings and repairs. Book an appointment to optimize your ride's performance and comfort, all tailored to meet your triathlon and road biking needs.

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Engage in our thrilling race events, designed to challenge and excite. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned athlete, find a race that sparks your competitive spirit while enjoying a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

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About Us

Hawaii Triathlon Center exists to support the triathlon community in Hawaii. Our mission is to provide a family friendly environment where we are the first stop for beginners, while also providing a pipeline for high performance development, and everything in between. We have a responsibility for the perpetuation of our sport and we take that seriously. Our core value is community, and we work hard to develop relationships that will last a lifetime. We strive to work with our community and approach every opportunity with collaboration in mind.

Our roots go back to 2002 with our first triathlon and bicycle racing experience and have been growing since 2009 locally in Hawaii. Over that time we have charted success on several continents and over most distances. We are students of the sport; we do our best to keep up with current developments and are familiar with historical events that have shaped the sport we love.

We offer training programs and all the supplies you'll need to get started and dialed in. We carry a wide range of road and triathlon bikes and gear, offer dynamic fittings, and a full range of coaching services.

At Hawaii Triathlon Center our customers and clients are number one. You will find that emphasized through every layer of your experience with us as you pursue your triathlon goals.