Group training

Structured Group Training Programs for Every Athlete, from Novices to Advanced

Uncover the camaraderie and expert guidance awaiting you in our Group Training Programs at Hawaii Triathlon Center. With distinct training groups for adults and youth, we provide a nurturing environment to hone your triathlon skills, regardless of your experience level.

Why Group Training?

Group Training enhances the training experience through the camaraderie of teammates, expert coaching, and specialized workouts tailored to your skill level—all at a lower cost than one-on-one coaching.

Adult Group Training Programs:

Adult Beginner Group Training ($320/session):

  • Duration: 8 weeks, leading up to a local sprint triathlon.
  • Hours: 4-6 hours of in-person training per week.
  • Description: Ideal for individuals aiming to complete their first triathlon, covering safety, basics of swimming, cycling, running, transitions, nutrition, and basic racing strategy. Post-session, transition to the main Adult Group Training is recommended.

Adult Group Training ($160/month):

  • Hours: 5-10 hours of in-person training per week.
  • Description: Tailored for athletes with varying experience levels, from improving on a first sprint triathlon to expanding into Olympic or half Ironman distances. Emphasizing safety, personalized testing, interval training, technique feedback, and heart rate/power specifics (equipment dependent).

Meeting Schedule:

  • Tuesday @ Kailua 5pm
  • Thursday @ Ala Moana 5pm
  • Saturday @ sunrise (location varies, typically Kailua)

Contact: Coach Ben Williams; [email protected] or 808-333-1151.

Youth Group Training Programs:

Our Youth Program aims to foster a lifelong love for triathlon, promoting health, safety, and the opportunity to pursue high-performance racing if desired.


  • Ages 8-10 years
  • Ages 11-12 years
  • Ages 13-18 years

Youth Beginner Training:

For first-time athletes, focusing on teaching the basics of triathlon during Sunday practices.

Youth Returning Training (Sundays Only):

For athletes who have completed the beginner training and wish to continue their triathlon journey with once-a-week training.

Youth Returning Training (Multiple Days/Training Peaks):

For the more seasoned athletes, including practices on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, alongside weekly Training Peaks workouts.

Locations: Practices are primarily held at Kailua District Park and/or Kualaka’i.

Contact: Coach Ben Williams; [email protected] or 808-333-1151.

Join us at Hawaii Triathlon Center to advance your triathlon skills, enjoy a community of like-minded athletes, and embark on a transformative fitness journey.